Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Winter Wasteland Tag

Mikayla H. and Katie R. tagged me to do the Winter Wasteland Tag! This is a fun tag, especially since I do get snow where I live! Thank you, guys, for tagging me! 

What to do:

1. Answer this question with 5-15 answers: What do you usually do when snow starts falling and you are unable to get out of the house?

2. Tag 5-10 other people to do this.

Okay, here are my answers:

     1. Read a good book.

This is at the top of this list because I love to read, and winter is the perfect time to grab some tea or hot chocolate or coffee and curl up with a good book in hand! Preferably an adventure. 

     2. Watch a fun movie or TV show.

This is a fun way to spend a winter evening. Find a really fun movie and watch it with your family, or, you can always tune into Hallmark Channel and see what they have on! :) I've seen some pretty good Christmas movies on Hallmark in 2014. And a few movies I've enjoyed recently have been from the Love Comes Softly movie series. And, for a TV show, I'd recommend checking out Heartland, When Calls the Heart, Terra Nova, or Signed, Sealed, Delivered!

    3. Listen to music and write up articles for future blog posts.

I do this even when it's not cold out, but, still... ;) I love listening to music, and writing blog posts for the future when you might be busy or not feel up to writing one is a great idea!

    4. Go play out in the snow and do some photography!

Do you want to build a snowman? ;) (I just had to!) Let's go build one... And throw snowballs at each other while I try to take a picture of the snowflakes and sing 'Let It Go' at the same time. ;) Hahaha! Okay, I'm joking. But, seriously, while the snow's there, you might as well go play in it!

   5. Do a project.

Okay, so I haven't done this one yet, but I have a paint-by-numbers to do, and I've found some cute snow globe projects on Pinterest that look super easy to do, fun, and end up looking great! But I've done some baking not too long ago (albeit, some of it was for school), and I made a chocolate cake, banana bread, and my family and I did some other baking such as sugar cookies and peanut blossoms!

   6. Play games with my family.

Totally. My family and I have played numerous games recently. Mario Edition Monopoly, Mario Edition Chess (yes...we love Mario here!), Dominion, Canasta, Cranium, Apples to Apples, cribbage, and Domino Train are all games we've played this winter! Oh, and video games, too! :)

And that's six answers! I tag anyone who wants to this post!

I hope you enjoyed this post, and that it (just maybe) gave you some ideas for those times when winter boredom hits! :)


Photos via Pinterest.