Saturday, January 3, 2015

My Top 5 From 2014

Hey, everyone! I am officially back in business! The two-month break has been wonderful - I don't think I could've managed this blog as well as the holidays and everything else!  I had a fantastic time with my grandparents during their visit. The holidays were great - I got some awesome presents (including Beats headphones (!) and trufulla trees!) I'll post an update of sorts in a few days (perhaps on Tuesday).

I have some fun posts planned for the next few weeks, so be looking out for those, and I hope you enjoy them (and this one)! :)

So, since 2014 has come to a close (this post is a little late), I decided to list a few of my favorite things! (I hope you got that quote - if not, you should watch The Sound of Music.)

I will be listing the top five in these categories for this last year:
  • Books
  • Movies
  • T.V. Shows
  • Individual Songs
  • Musical Artists
  • Hallmark movies
The lists are just simply the top five (in the certain category) that I enjoyed this past year, not in a particular order. I hope you enjoy this post, and that maybe you'll find some new music, movies, shows, or books through it!

Now, without further ado...

Top Five Books of 2014:

#1 Rising to the Challenge: A Tale of Perseverance and Unconditional Love by Alicia A. Willis
#2 God's Smuggler by Brother Andrew
#3 Hostage Lands by Douglas Bond
#4 The Coral Island by R.M. Ballantyne
#5 Brothers at Arms: Treasure and Treachery in the Amazon by John J. Horn

Top Five Movies of 2014:
(Some I've seen before 2014)

#1 Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day
#2 The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian
#3 We Bought a Zoo
#4 Pride and Prejudice (2005 version)

Top Five Hallmark Movies of 2014:

#1 Signed, Sealed, Delivered for Christmas
#2 Love's Enduring Promise
#3 The Lost Valentine
#4 Love's Unfolding Dream
#5 Midnight Masquerade

Top Five Musical Artists of 2014:

#1 Owl City
#2 Kari Jobe
#3 Colton Dixon
#5 The City Harmonic

Top TEN Individual Songs of 2014:

#1 'You're Not Alone' - Owl City
#2 'Be Still My Soul' - Kari Jobe
#3 'He Knows' - Jeremy Camp
#4 'How Can It Be' - Lauren Daigle
#5 'Limitless' - Colton Dixon
#6 'I Am Not Alone' - Kari Jobe
#7 '1+1' - The City Harmonic
#8 'Light of the World' - Lauren Daigle
#9 'Shoulders' - for KING & COUNTRY
#10 'Oceans' - Hillsong United

Top Four TV Shows of 2014:

#1 Heartland

Heartland is a really great show set in the rocky mountains of Alberta, Canada. It centers around a family living in the country on a cattle ranch, run by an ex-rodeo star, Jack Bartlett, with his two granddaughters, Amy and Lou Fleming, and the new ranch hand - a teenage rebel - Ty Borden - who's on probation. It's heartwarming, funny, dramatic, and a good family show! Recommended. :)

#2 Terra Nova

Terra Nova is a really fun show. I enjoy watching it... It's sci-fi, and is quite interesting - it's also futuristic and historic. The main characters of the show travel 'back in time' (literally) to when dinosaurs roamed the earth because the earth in 2149 (over one hundred years from now - 2015) has gotten so bad that people can't breathe outside without a gas mask and fresh fruits and vegetables are a rarity. The main characters (the Shannon family) are part of a growing settlement called Terra Nova, where there are dinosaurs to fend off, secrets to uncover, and mysteries to be solved. The adventures they've had have been exciting. I'm looking forward to seeing how it all ends!

#3 When Calls the Heart

This is so cute and funny. In When Calls the Heart, you travel back in time to the Edwardian era - the time right after the Victorian era. Elizabeth Thatcher is a school teacher who was brought up in America with all the world could offer. She accepts a teaching job in a little remote town in Coal Valley, Canada, where a handsome RCMP officer (Jack Thornton) is stationed. He is highly against her being there. She's determined to stay. It's a bit of a rough ride from there, but an adorable one with ups and downs you won't want to miss out on!

#4 Signed, Sealed, Delivered

It's a detective show with a family-friendly twist. I love this show! It is SO much fun! Rita, Norman, Shane, and Oliver are part of the DLO - the Dead Letter Office, a special division of the US post office system that handles letter lost in the mail, sometimes that are lost for years. The adventures they have along the way are humorous and engaging. Recommended!

Have any of you watched any of these shows? Read any of the books? Let me know in the comment section!

And I'll leave you all with a quote (since it is a Saturday) from C.S. Lewis:

"He died not for men, but for each man. If each man had been the only man made, He would have done no less."

We're off to a new, wonderful year, one which I'm sure will be filled with happy memories and fun-filled times!



  1. Aww, I am so honored! Thanks, deary. I shared this post with John Horn, too, so he can see. Blessings!

    1. You're most welcome, Alicia! Oh, thank you! :)

  2. Great post! I loved reading it. :) I have been wanting to seee Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. :)
    I just tagged you over at my blog to do the winter wasteland tag. Here's the link:
    Have a wonderful day!

    1. Thank you! Yeah! Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day was pretty good - funny, for sure! It was sort of heartwarming too. :)

      Thank you for the tag! Funnily enough, another blogger tagged me, so I have the post all written out! I be sure to thank you in the post too. :)

  3. I just fell in love with your blog. No stopping me.. I am a new follower! :D Seriously! What an adorable blog. :) I liked When Calls the Heart too. A friend told me about it, and I finally watched it. I can't wait for season two now. :D I'm so glad I found your blog. Be on the look out for future comments. :D

    1. Aw, thank you so much! :) Isn't When Calls the Heart cute? The interaction between Elizabeth and Jack is hilarious. Did you know season 2 is coming this June? It's so far away! :( All right, I will be! ;)

      Thanks again!

    2. Haha, yes! They are really sweet. :) Oh really? I thought I heard sad. lol! Well, when we both start watching them, we will have to talk about the new episodes all the time. :)

    3. I know, it's awhile from now! Of course we can talk about them! Swap opinions on how things go. :)

    4. Yeah, but time will go quicker than we think. I first watched them in September, and I am surprised that it is already January! :D Yeah, I'd love to do that. :)

    5. Cool! We'll have to, then! :)