Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Life Lately // A Q+A IS COMING

the lake - camping in June

 GUYS. *waves* I have some big news. And an update. Shall we start with the news? *nods* Good idea.

I have a friend coming to visit next month. YES, SERIOUSLY. Mikayla, from Ordinary Girl, Extraordinary Father, is coming to visit me, all the way from sunny Texas to evergreen-loaded Washington. AND, since we both have blogs (and also because we've been wanting to do this for a while), we're going to do a Q&A together when she comes! SO, DROP US SOME QUESTIONS. However many you want, about whatever you want! We'll answer them all! (Really, we will.)

And life! Wow - life's been busy lately. And I did something c.r.a.z.y. last week (which I shall tell you about in a moment). I'm actually still finishing up some school *laughs* AND have barely been reading? There are so many books on currently-reading shelf right now! (Okay, so technically it's only four, because two of them I'm not "currently" reading, I just haven't finished them yet. O.O) 

Other things I've been doing? We went rock climbing the other day. Birthday shopping (my birthday, my older bro's, and my older sister's are all in the SAME week *phew*). Possibly going to see the Emoji Movie (I know it looks stupid, but it also looks funny XD). Going to see Cars 3 on July 4th. (GO WATCH IT. I like Cars so much, haha)

AND I GOT A URL FOR MY NEW BLOG. But I've done nothing with it yet so *wide eyes* it's not being shared yet.... XD

What I'm reading:

So, as some of you may know, I created a reading challenge for this year - and I'm slowly working through it. HERE ARE SOME BOOKS I'M USING:

Resistance by Jaye L. Knight - This is GOOD. So far, I like it. I see soooo much improvement in Miss Knight's writing from some of her earlier works, and this whole novel - the characters, the set-up, the writing style - is well-done. *thumbs up* (I actually haven't finished it yet but I asked for the sequel for my up-coming birthday, haha) - a book over 400 pages

War on the Waters by James M. McPherson - CHALLENGE MATERIAL - a history book. This book is really interesting (I'm a Civil War enthusiast), and there's so much good info! It's really cool to be reading and come across events that I know about - briefly - and then it goes into so much depth.

Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson - UM, this one is...interesting. I'm not sure about it, to be honest. Right now, it feels like a three star (maybe). I'm reading it aloud to my siblings, WHICH IS COOL. Also, I'm using it for the challenge - a book in my favorite genre.

The Bates Method for Better Eyesight Without Glasses by Dr. William Bates - YES, I am reading a scientific-y book. It's actually sort of interesting, because I like learning. Honestly, some of the info is slightly mind-blowing. 

it was gorgeous

The crazy thing I did last week:

My little brother likes playing football. Naturally, I play with him. We were at the orthodontist last month, and the lovely lady working on my braces got talking with my mom. And she told my mom that her son does flag-football with a church. And my little bro has been wanting to do football for a while now. So we checked it out. And decided to do it. 

AND SO EVALUATION DAY came around, and Jeremiah did fantastically (he can throw better than me now XD). On the drive home, I said something about playing football (because it's co-ed and also because I wouldn't want to do cheerleading ha), and my mom looked in the rear view mirror with the face of "do you want to do it?" I very vehemently said NOPE. (I was scared, guys, k.) But then we dropped the siblings off so we could pick up a birthday present, and we got to talking. And I admitted that if I wasn't so scared, I would want to do the evaluations. Because this could be my only chance to play the only sport I ever really wanted to play. And so my mom drove back to the church, went inside to talk to someone, and came out with an amazing gal who totally convinced me to try it. So I evaluated.

And ya know what, guys? I've decided to do it. I'm actually going to do flag-football. It took a lot of worry. And thought. And debating and talking and asking opinions. And thinking about my own opinion. On evaluation day, I was totally like "YES I'm playing" - but then a day passed, and then two, and it started to seem intimidating and scary all over again. But when I pushed past that I realized I wanted to do it, because hey, why not? This could be a lot of fun

Practice starts next month. *laughs nervously* BUT I'M DOING IT and I'm actually kind of excited now?! #weshallsee 

SO YEAH. CRAZY AND SUDDEN, I KNOW. Because I'd had no inkling weeks before, or days before, or even ON evaluation day that I'd be trying out. But then I felt like if I didn't do it, I'd regret it. 

ALSO, going camping again for my sister's birthday. Which is fantastic. Funny, cuz we got the same lot we had in June. XD #itwasnice


What I've been writing:

When NaNo rolled around, I was all in to write my WIP Chosen - a Christian, futuristic, dystopian mash-up (the idea for it came very randomly and I started it very suddenly). Plans changed, however - when I started Camp and did not like the words I was writing. It was frustrating - THANKFULLY, I had a backup. It's a "short story" I've titled Raindrops. I've been writing that the past few weeks- and it's going really well, methinks. I'm excited to finish it! (by the end of July) It was going to be a short story, but now it's a *cough* novelette

{ a basic summary }  

"A girl, a guy, a broken down Jeep, a rescue (attempt), a coffee shop, and...rain."

Raindrops was inspired by a Pinterest photo - which has never happened to me before. XD I saw the picture, and the beginnings of an idea took root. HERE I AM NOW. It's been fun to write, with the characters coming to life, humor seeping in effortlessly, and the idea of an epilogue of sorts - not too long ago, I was considering turning this into a full-blown novel, but it was only ever meant to be a short story - ya know what I mean? THEN the idea of an epilogue popped up, giving me the opportunity to take the story the way I wanted and tie up the potential loose ends. 

{ snippet }

 “Oh!” The guy’s voice was laughing. “Um...sorry.” The smirk on his face told her he was anything but.

“Sure,” she mumbled, half-laughing as she glanced around the interior of the Jeep. It was old. Really old. Maybe 90s? But she could tell he took good care of it. That didn’t stop her from asking… “Does it run?”

His eyes widened, and she thought she heard him suck in a breath. An awkward second scraped by. Then he grinned. “That’s the beauty of this old gal. It’s always a mystery to see if she’ll start or not.”

Sarah laughed, but when Joshua still started at her, she realized maybe he wasn’t joking. Now her eyes widened. “Wait...what? Is that…? Are you…?”

“Serious?” He finished for her. “Uh...well…” Joshua coughed, facing forward. “Sorta a bad joke, but…”


What does your currently-reading shelf look like? Last crazy thing you did that took guts? What is your Camp NaNo project? AND DON'T BE SHY - ask all the questions you want for the Q&A!