Thursday, January 29, 2015

A Bunch of Announcements

Some of you might've heard of the new, live-action take on Peter Pan that's coming to theaters this year, starring Hugh Jackman, Garrett Hedlund, Amanda Seyfried, and introducing Levi Millar as none other than Peter Pan himself. And it's officially coming July 24th! That's three days before my 15th birthday (which is July 27th), so maybe I can persuade my family to go with me then! ;)

I've actually only seen the original, animated Peter Pan once - and I was about six years old, so I can't say for sure if I liked it or not!

Anyways, it looks like a rather adventurous movie - and you know me and adventure (and if you don't, just look at the title of my blog)! ;) Plus, Levi Miller seems like a really great new actor from the trailer! Granted, he's only 11 or 12 years old, but that only makes it more impressive! 

Levi Miller also had a small role in the ninth episode of one of my favorite shows - Terra Nova. That's not a big deal, but it was interesting to find out! :)

Here's the trailer for Pan:

All right, now for another announcement:
Cinderella is coming to theaters on March 13th! This is also a new, live-action take on the much-loved Disney classic. It seems to be a new 'phase' that the movie-making world is going through: recreating animated Disney movies! Because they're also going to start production on a live-action Beauty and the Beast later this year! Oh, and, um... they're also doing a live-action Jungle Book!! And guess who's voicing Sher Khan!? Benedict Cumberbatch, that's who! This is just a mind-blowing myriad of announcements I'm throwing at ya here... ;)
Okay, okay...back to Cinderella.
I am looking forward to seeing this one (even more so than Pan), and there is a teeny, tidbit of news that makes it all the more great...
The new Frozen short, Frozen Fever, is premiering with Cinderella!!! So instead of just seeing Cinderella,  you'll also be seeing Frozen Fever! How cool is that!? 
So, to whet your appetite for both Cinderella and Frozen Fever, here is the Cinderella trailer, and the synopsis for Frozen Fever:
Frozen Fever synopsis:
On Anna's birthday, Elsa and Kristoff are determined to give her the best celebration ever, but Elsa's icy powers may put more than just the party at risk.
Starring: Idina Menzel (as Elsa), Josh Gad (as Olaf), Kristen Bell (as Anna), and Jonathan Groff who plays Kristoff (all of the original voices from Frozen).
Running time: 7 minutes
On Cinderella:
I have to say that it looks like they've done a really great job on it! And also with making it more real-to-life. In the animated film, Cinderella is pretty at ease with her life as a servant, but I think it would be much harder in reality - especially with such a cruel stepmother and stepsisters. And she certainly didn't grow up as a servant! Do you agree?
Really, though, it looks like it's going to be a good adaption! And it also seems as though they made some pretty good casting selections! Agreed?
And we are so going to the theaters for this... There's no missing it.
What about you? Are you looking forward to any of the movies just mentioned? What about Cinderella and Frozen Fever? What do you think of Prince Charming and Ella? What do you think of the new Peter Pan?

Quote of the Week

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Winter Wasteland Tag

Mikayla H. and Katie R. tagged me to do the Winter Wasteland Tag! This is a fun tag, especially since I do get snow where I live! Thank you, guys, for tagging me! 

What to do:

1. Answer this question with 5-15 answers: What do you usually do when snow starts falling and you are unable to get out of the house?

2. Tag 5-10 other people to do this.

Okay, here are my answers:

     1. Read a good book.

This is at the top of this list because I love to read, and winter is the perfect time to grab some tea or hot chocolate or coffee and curl up with a good book in hand! Preferably an adventure. 

     2. Watch a fun movie or TV show.

This is a fun way to spend a winter evening. Find a really fun movie and watch it with your family, or, you can always tune into Hallmark Channel and see what they have on! :) I've seen some pretty good Christmas movies on Hallmark in 2014. And a few movies I've enjoyed recently have been from the Love Comes Softly movie series. And, for a TV show, I'd recommend checking out Heartland, When Calls the Heart, Terra Nova, or Signed, Sealed, Delivered!

    3. Listen to music and write up articles for future blog posts.

I do this even when it's not cold out, but, still... ;) I love listening to music, and writing blog posts for the future when you might be busy or not feel up to writing one is a great idea!

    4. Go play out in the snow and do some photography!

Do you want to build a snowman? ;) (I just had to!) Let's go build one... And throw snowballs at each other while I try to take a picture of the snowflakes and sing 'Let It Go' at the same time. ;) Hahaha! Okay, I'm joking. But, seriously, while the snow's there, you might as well go play in it!

   5. Do a project.

Okay, so I haven't done this one yet, but I have a paint-by-numbers to do, and I've found some cute snow globe projects on Pinterest that look super easy to do, fun, and end up looking great! But I've done some baking not too long ago (albeit, some of it was for school), and I made a chocolate cake, banana bread, and my family and I did some other baking such as sugar cookies and peanut blossoms!

   6. Play games with my family.

Totally. My family and I have played numerous games recently. Mario Edition Monopoly, Mario Edition Chess (yes...we love Mario here!), Dominion, Canasta, Cranium, Apples to Apples, cribbage, and Domino Train are all games we've played this winter! Oh, and video games, too! :)

And that's six answers! I tag anyone who wants to this post!

I hope you enjoyed this post, and that it (just maybe) gave you some ideas for those times when winter boredom hits! :)


Photos via Pinterest.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Today, this book released...

Guess what book released today!? The third - and final - installment in The Comrades of Honor series by Alicia A. Willis: Rising to the Challenge: A Tale of Perseverance and Unconditional Love!
I had the privilege of receiving an early copy of this book as a member of Alicia's Beta reading team for it, where I helped by looking for grammatical errors or inconsistencies. It was a wonderful experience, and I was so thankful to be on the team and get to help Alicia out!
And, I can's a good book, as a stand-alone, or having read the previous two books, To Birmingham Castle and In Search of Adventure (though I would recommend doing so).

Plot summary:

New difficulties arise for Sir Kenneth Dale in the exciting final installment in The Comrades of Honor Series. As a favorite of the Earl of Birmingham, his life appears tranquil – until the both beautiful Lady Clarissa and a headstrong orphan named Brion arrive in the castle. It is not long before Sir Kenneth finds himself not only in love, but also the master of the most difficult squire Birmingham has ever harbored.

Brion de Lantenac is nothing short of rebellious. Hatred for Sir Kenneth’s strict rules vents itself in constant disobedience, triggering continual clashes between himself and his new lord. But there is a reason behind his self-centered character. The murder of his family has caused heartbreak he may never recover from. Will he ever reveal his true identity to Sir Kenneth? And what about Guthrie, the man who sullied his father’s shire with treacherous hands and now seeks his demise?

Caught between a hopeless romance, a rebellious squire, and the enemies on all sides, Sir Kenneth finds himself challenged. Amidst battles, heartache, and dark mystery, he must somehow rise to meet the difficulties of his life with honor. Will he ever win his squire’s heart? Will he and Clarissa be forever separated?

Join Sir Kenneth, Brion, and all the comrades of honor in a tale of perseverance, chivalry, and unconditional love. Treachery abounds and evil seems insurmountable. Will rising to the challenge preserve honor and win the day?

My original review (with a few updates):

Rising to the Challenge: A Tale of Perseverance and Unconditional Love
My Rating: 4 Stars
Best for ages: 12/13 and up (for violence, sword fights, injuries, torture, etc.)

Rising to the Challenge was not what I was expecting - in a good way. Set in Medieval England with the ever-present fight of good versus evil, it was exciting and had many twists and turns that I was never expecting and I certainly didn't see coming! The plot twists were some of my favorite parts of the book. The adventure was gripping and heart-racing. The characters were engaging. This was definitely the best book of The Comrades of Honor series by far.

I enjoyed Brion's character the most. He was certainly a lot of fun, and had a great character arc. I liked the fact that he wasn't rebellious and hated Sir Kenneth just out of spite or pure stubbornness - he was truly hurting and his family had just been murdered. Fantastic character! Brion de Lantenac might actually be my favorite character in the whole series! :) Okay, scratch that - he totally is!

Other characters such as Victor and Sir Darryl - who we're just introduced to - made the story even more fun. I really liked Victor and his friendship with Brion - from enemies to allies. Sir Darryl was a great rival and I really enjoyed the twist in the end with him and Sir Kenneth!

A fantastic book with a wonderful plot, a fun cast of characters, and a gripping, exciting, and well-thought-out storyline. Job well-done, Alicia!

I'm looking forward to seeing what books Alicia Willis will be writing now that The Comrades of Honor series has come to an exciting close! Recommended for those who enjoy historical adventure fiction.

Where to pick up the book:

Or you can contact Alicia through one of her websites (listed below) and I'm sure she'd be happy to sign a copy for you!

Also, check out her other novels! I've actually read all of them...

Remembering the Alamo: A Novella (In Kindle Edition and Paperback!)
From the Dark to the Dawn: A Tale of Ancient Rome (This one made me tear up... or cry. Whichever!) ;)

Congratulations to Alicia on her newest book's release!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Quote of the Week

"My concern is not whether God is on our side; my greatest concern is to be on God's side, for God is always right." - Abraham Lincoln

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Interview with Julia Ryan from Writing for His Glory!

Hey, everyone! Guess what? Today's post is an interview with Julia Ryan from Writing for His Glory! I hope you all enjoy it! 
Hello there, and welcome to Adventures Beyond the Horizon, Julia!

Thanks so much, Micaiah, for asking me! :) 

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Well, I am a 15 year old girl, living in a beautiful country home with my wonderful family. I spend most of my time with my siblings and parents playing games, going to parks, reading the Bible, cleaning, and cooking. And, if I'm not doing my schoolwork, blogging, or chatting with friends, I'm reading up a storm or baking something new! 

Who is your favorite author?

Oh, that's a toughy. I go into phases of authors that I love, but, I don't think I have an absolute favorite. Corrie ten Boom has been a gigantic encouragement for I'd say her. :) 

Favorite book?

The Bronze Bow was my favorite last year (2014), but for this year, I'd say The Last Sin Eater. Both VERY good books. :) 

Action, adventure, or mystery?

Hm...I don't read much mystery, nor action, so adventure. But, I really just like calm books with a really good story line and moral. =)

Which time period is your favorite? Why?

I'd have to say mid 1800's. I love the whole move towards the west thing! Like Laura Ingalls Wilder time period. :) 

If you could meet one person (dead or alive) who would it be (besides Jesus)?

My great-grandma...from the stories that my Mom has told me, she was one amazing woman. ♥

Who is your favorite fictional character?

I'd have to say Marty from Love Come's Softly. :) Oh, and don't forget Clark! :D 

Would you rather give up reading fictional books for a year, or give up reading the last two chapters of any books you read for a year?

Oh my! Are you serious?! :D Well...I think not reading the last two chapters, because I can usually figure out what was going to happen. Then at the end of the year go back and read them. Haha! ;)

TV or movies?

Movies! Unless it was 19 Kids and Counting or Growing Up Bates. 

It’s the weekend – what do you do? Go to the bookstore, to the movies, curl up with a good book and your favorite beverage, or to the beach?

Well, all! Though, in different seasons. The bookstore is a spring thing, beach...totally summer, going to the movies with friends is for the fall, while a good book and tea is a Winter thing. Haha! But, it you wanted just one, I'd say the beach. :) 

Do you write? If so, what do you write about?

Yes, I do write. I used to do it a lot more though...but, when I do it is usually about something that has happened in my life with a few twists and turns. I like to write real. :) 

Would you rather have your favorite book turned into a movie, or have a sequel?

Um...I think movie. Sometimes sequels are not the same. But, it depends on the writer. :) 

Thank you for stopping by, Julia!

Thanks for letting me! ;)

Note: My blog is currently under construction! The place where I got my background shut down, so I can't use that one anymore. :/ I quickly put this background, etc. together, but I will be changing it up soon!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Where Courage Calls (Book Review)

Where Courage Calls
(Return to the Canadian West #1)
By: Janette Oke and Laurel Oke Logan
Rating: 5 stars
Ages: 13 and up

This book was amazing! I immensely enjoyed the story, the characters, the setting, and the tidbits of advice strewn throughout the book.

I had had Where Courage Calls sitting on one of my shelves for a long while before I decided to read it the other evening. I have watched the first season of the Hallmark show When Calls the Heart (which I love, by the way!) and so knew some of what to expect - or did I?

The main plot of Elizabeth going West to teach in a small, primitive coal mining town and falling for...a certain Mountie (who I can't mention!) was the same, but many other aspects of the book were different than the show - some of the characters were in different positions (Beth didn't stay with Abigail Stanton - she stayed with Molly), Edward was in the story quite a bit, whereas in the movie he rides off to catch...outlaws, was it?, and a few other things I shan't mention because there's a chance I could spoil something that happens!

Beth was a fun character, one whom I enjoyed reading about. She's not frilly like her little sister Julie - she's steady, level-headed, and much more mature. I also enjoyed the character of her father. He was so kind and understanding and wise (for the small section of the story he was in)!

I also liked Molly, Pastor Philip, Jarrick, Frank, and Edward! Molly was kind and motherly, with very great advice (may I emphasize on the 'great'). Many a-time her advice spoke not only to Beth, but to me. Pastor Philip was an enjoyable character who was a good friend to Beth and helped out in her endeavors. Frank was so kind to Beth, and just in general! Jarrick was of course the charming gentleman! And Edward too, for that matter (especially after having been called a 'nuisance' by Beth herself!). Edward was a lot of fun. He was very respectable and honorable, going to great lengths to retrieve Beth's stolen items. I enjoyed having him in the story, and I hope we'll eventually see more of him! (The same for Jarrick!)

Overall, I really loved this book and am looking forward to Beth's 'return to the Canadian West'! This story was a lot of fun, and Janette Oke is a great author! I would certainly recommend this to those who enjoy historical fiction and Janette's other works, those who like sweet stories with just a bit of conflict, and fans of the When Calls the Heart movie or TV show!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Quote of the Week

"Listen, I have a plan. It's dangerous, slightly irrational, and probably impossible, but I think it's our only chance." - John J. Horn, Brothers at Arms: Treasure and Treachery in the Amazon

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

My Favorite Movie and TV Show Heroes

Hey, everyone! I thought it might be interesting to do a post (inspired by my friend, Mikayla, who runs The Bubblegum Ballerina) listing my favorite heroes from various movies and TV shows I enjoy. I am doing this post just for the fun of it, and I hope you like it!

I'll also - most likely - be doing a list of my favorite heroines, so watch for that! :)

(Here's the post that inspired me: My Life (In as many posts as it takes) # 24)

Note: I'm not going by order from my favorite to my least favorite.

Drew Simpson from Love's Unfolding Dream
(Love Comes Softly series, #6 - played by Patrick Levis)

I really enjoyed Love's Unfolding Dream, and Drew was a lot of fun. Scenes between him and Belinda made me laugh numerous times, and he was a very enjoyable character. Even when he was being serious, it was almost in a lighthearted way, and his first meeting with Belinda was hilarious!

Willie LeHaye from Love's Enduring Promise
(Love Comes Softly series, #2 - played by Logan Bartholomew)

Willie was a fantastic character, and I loved him in Love's Enduring Promise. His story was compelling and dramatic; he had been through so much, yet was still so young and such a gentleman. He was an emotional wreck (for very good reasons!), but it feels so real that it just adds to the whole movie. His inner turmoil was shown so well. He's also very kind and giving. 

Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy from Pride and Prejudice
(The 2005 version starring Matthew Macfayden as Darcy.)

I got the picture where he's smiling! :)

Okay, first off, let's get something straight about this guy: I am not one of those swooning teenage girls that thinks he is the perfect man. ;) All right, we're clear on that point, so, why do I like him? At first he's displayed as a prideful, glowering man who is rich and scorns the underprivileged.... So. Not. True. (Okay, at first it's a little true...) He has a great character arc, and is so fun, because, underneath, he's really a very kind, giving guy that realizes what he's done wrong and goes to great lengths to fix things (i.e. bringing Mr. Bingley back for Jane, giving his nemesis, Mr.Wickham, a dowry for Elizabeth's sister, Lydia, and so on).

Ty Borden from Heartland
(CBC's TV series. He's been in the show from 2007-present. Played by the wonderful Graham Wardle.)

First of all, I love Ty's turnaround. He comes to Heartland as a teenage rebel on probation, but turn's out to be a really great young man. He's even becoming a vet! It was so sweet how you can tell he loves Amy and that he would do anything for her.

(I also want to compliment Graham Wardle's acting - he does amazing job throughout all of the seasons!)

Jack Bartlett from Heartland
(He's been in the show 2007-present. Played by Shaun Johnston.)

Jack is a wonderful character. He's kind, fatherly, and gives fantastic advice. I've enjoyed having him around since season 1, and watching his and (his son-in-law) Tim's relationship come to better terms (they are a source of great amusement!). I couldn't imagine Heartland without him!

Edmund Pevensie from The Chronicles of Narnia
(All three movies. Played by Skander Keynes.)

Edmund is my favorite character in Prince Caspian. Why? He's the character you can relate to more than the other Pevensies. He's the one who makes a bigger turnaround than any of the other characters. He's the one who's made huge mistakes. He's the traitor who's mended. He struggles with temptation, but he overcomes. In the second movie he steps up and, while Peter is fighting his own battles, is the steady one. And knocking out that guard with a flashlight!? I'd say he becomes a bit of a hero in Prince Caspian!

Eustace Clarence Scrubb from The Chronicles of Narnia
(Voyage of the Dawn Treader. Played by Will Poulter.)

Eustace, like Edmund, is flawed. In the beginning of Voyage I didn't like him. But as the movie progresses, you see him changing and becoming a better person. In the end he's a really loveable character - he's not the whiney, annoying cousin who thinks he's superior to everyone anymore. He and Edmund are sort of examples of God's undying love and forgiveness for us - God accepts us the way we are, and, if we let Him, changes us. I enjoy Eustace's character a lot because he has a huge character arc from the beginning of the movie to the end. He also adds humor to an otherwise mostly-serious movie.

Peter Pevensie from The Chronicles Narnia
(The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, and Prince Caspian. Played by William Moseley.)

I really loved Peter in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. He was (and is) a really protective older brother, even when he was being a bit harsh on Edmund. Of course, he made his fair share of mistakes in Prince Caspian, and he had a bit of a pride issue, but I understand why he acted the way he did - he was a king, a warrior, and then he goes back to England as a young teenager again. Then, when he finally comes back to Narnia, Caspian is the rightful ruler, and he has to free his kingdom from the grasp of the Talmarines. Overall, he's a brave warrior and is kindhearted.

Jack Thornton from When Calls the Heart
(Hallmark's TV series. Played by Daniel Lissing.)

Jack is a fun character. He was completely against Elizabeth when he first came to Coal Valley, but as the season progresses he becomes a charming, kind gentleman. He's very chivalrous, and his struggles with Elizabeth are so humorously portrayed!

Well, that's all nine of them!
Who is your favorite movie/TV show hero? Do you like any of the heroes listed above?

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Quote of the Week

"The compass needle tells the truth, Beth, even in a storm. And then one must adjust the rest of one's circumstances in accordance - even though sometimes it feels amiss. It reminds me that the Bible is like that too. It tells us the truth, and then we must adjust our thinking, our actions, to match." - Janette Oke and Laurel Oke Logan, When Courage Calls: A When Calls the Heart Novel (Return to the Canadian West #1)

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Mini Update + What I Got for Christmas

Hi, guys! So, I promised a bit of an update, and here I am!

You'll remember that I took my break from blogging all the way back in November... ;)

Anyways, my grandparents came to visit us in early November, and stayed for about three or so weeks! We played games, baked, hung out, and just had fun together - it was great! I actually beat my grandpa at cribbage this time! ;) They spent Thanksgiving with us, and then they left in early December. After that there was shopping to do and we were getting ready for Christmas. On Christmas Day my brother and his family came to our house and spent most of the day with us. We opened presents, had dinner (ham, scalloped potatoes, green beans, rolls, and sparkling cider), and played Cranium - a new game my sister-in-law got! It's a mix of charades, Pictionary, word games, and quizzes. It was fun - although, my team (me and my siblings!) didn't win either of the games we played! Haha! :)

On New Years Eve we headed over to my brother's house and spent the evening there. We played a game called Dominion, which is really just a card game (though with different cards than the regular ones - you have to buy a whole set and everything), but it took a really long time, especially since my older brother and sister decided to make the game longer by adding extra cards. ;) At midnight - the beginning of 2015! - fireworks went off and we had sparkling cider (again! Haha!)!

I also got some really cool things for Christmas this year! My older brother got me a NKJV Bible (which is cool, because most of the Scriptures I've really memorized have been from that version!), and my older sister got me truffula trees! Truffula trees! From The Lorax! They are so much fun! Aren't they cute?

And my mom got me Beats headphones! Beats by Dr. Dre are some of the best headphones, and I'm still excited about them! They work fantastically, and they sound even more so. They're designed so it feels as though you're in the recording studio with the artist as you listen to music, and the quality is so nice! My sister got a pair also - she got a really pretty purple and I got pink! It was great!

What has everyone been reading lately? I just started Persuasion by Jane Austen the other day! I'm on page 64 so far. Maybe I'll post a review sometime!

Speaking of reading, there is a really fun reading challenge for 2015 to check out! It's from Bethany House Publishers' blog, and it's really unique and is definitely a challenge! Check it out here! Comment below if you plan on doing it! I am certainly going to try to read a book in all of the categories!

I'm looking forward to this coming year! How about you? Are you doing any reading challenges this year? I'll be doing both the Bethany House challenge and the regular Goodreads challenge!

I'll be back with a quote on Saturday! Enjoy the rest of your week!


Saturday, January 3, 2015

My Top 5 From 2014

Hey, everyone! I am officially back in business! The two-month break has been wonderful - I don't think I could've managed this blog as well as the holidays and everything else!  I had a fantastic time with my grandparents during their visit. The holidays were great - I got some awesome presents (including Beats headphones (!) and trufulla trees!) I'll post an update of sorts in a few days (perhaps on Tuesday).

I have some fun posts planned for the next few weeks, so be looking out for those, and I hope you enjoy them (and this one)! :)

So, since 2014 has come to a close (this post is a little late), I decided to list a few of my favorite things! (I hope you got that quote - if not, you should watch The Sound of Music.)

I will be listing the top five in these categories for this last year:
  • Books
  • Movies
  • T.V. Shows
  • Individual Songs
  • Musical Artists
  • Hallmark movies
The lists are just simply the top five (in the certain category) that I enjoyed this past year, not in a particular order. I hope you enjoy this post, and that maybe you'll find some new music, movies, shows, or books through it!

Now, without further ado...

Top Five Books of 2014:

#1 Rising to the Challenge: A Tale of Perseverance and Unconditional Love by Alicia A. Willis
#2 God's Smuggler by Brother Andrew
#3 Hostage Lands by Douglas Bond
#4 The Coral Island by R.M. Ballantyne
#5 Brothers at Arms: Treasure and Treachery in the Amazon by John J. Horn

Top Five Movies of 2014:
(Some I've seen before 2014)

#1 Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day
#2 The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian
#3 We Bought a Zoo
#4 Pride and Prejudice (2005 version)

Top Five Hallmark Movies of 2014:

#1 Signed, Sealed, Delivered for Christmas
#2 Love's Enduring Promise
#3 The Lost Valentine
#4 Love's Unfolding Dream
#5 Midnight Masquerade

Top Five Musical Artists of 2014:

#1 Owl City
#2 Kari Jobe
#3 Colton Dixon
#5 The City Harmonic

Top TEN Individual Songs of 2014:

#1 'You're Not Alone' - Owl City
#2 'Be Still My Soul' - Kari Jobe
#3 'He Knows' - Jeremy Camp
#4 'How Can It Be' - Lauren Daigle
#5 'Limitless' - Colton Dixon
#6 'I Am Not Alone' - Kari Jobe
#7 '1+1' - The City Harmonic
#8 'Light of the World' - Lauren Daigle
#9 'Shoulders' - for KING & COUNTRY
#10 'Oceans' - Hillsong United

Top Four TV Shows of 2014:

#1 Heartland

Heartland is a really great show set in the rocky mountains of Alberta, Canada. It centers around a family living in the country on a cattle ranch, run by an ex-rodeo star, Jack Bartlett, with his two granddaughters, Amy and Lou Fleming, and the new ranch hand - a teenage rebel - Ty Borden - who's on probation. It's heartwarming, funny, dramatic, and a good family show! Recommended. :)

#2 Terra Nova

Terra Nova is a really fun show. I enjoy watching it... It's sci-fi, and is quite interesting - it's also futuristic and historic. The main characters of the show travel 'back in time' (literally) to when dinosaurs roamed the earth because the earth in 2149 (over one hundred years from now - 2015) has gotten so bad that people can't breathe outside without a gas mask and fresh fruits and vegetables are a rarity. The main characters (the Shannon family) are part of a growing settlement called Terra Nova, where there are dinosaurs to fend off, secrets to uncover, and mysteries to be solved. The adventures they've had have been exciting. I'm looking forward to seeing how it all ends!

#3 When Calls the Heart

This is so cute and funny. In When Calls the Heart, you travel back in time to the Edwardian era - the time right after the Victorian era. Elizabeth Thatcher is a school teacher who was brought up in America with all the world could offer. She accepts a teaching job in a little remote town in Coal Valley, Canada, where a handsome RCMP officer (Jack Thornton) is stationed. He is highly against her being there. She's determined to stay. It's a bit of a rough ride from there, but an adorable one with ups and downs you won't want to miss out on!

#4 Signed, Sealed, Delivered

It's a detective show with a family-friendly twist. I love this show! It is SO much fun! Rita, Norman, Shane, and Oliver are part of the DLO - the Dead Letter Office, a special division of the US post office system that handles letter lost in the mail, sometimes that are lost for years. The adventures they have along the way are humorous and engaging. Recommended!

Have any of you watched any of these shows? Read any of the books? Let me know in the comment section!

And I'll leave you all with a quote (since it is a Saturday) from C.S. Lewis:

"He died not for men, but for each man. If each man had been the only man made, He would have done no less."

We're off to a new, wonderful year, one which I'm sure will be filled with happy memories and fun-filled times!