Monday, January 19, 2015

Where Courage Calls (Book Review)

Where Courage Calls
(Return to the Canadian West #1)
By: Janette Oke and Laurel Oke Logan
Rating: 5 stars
Ages: 13 and up

This book was amazing! I immensely enjoyed the story, the characters, the setting, and the tidbits of advice strewn throughout the book.

I had had Where Courage Calls sitting on one of my shelves for a long while before I decided to read it the other evening. I have watched the first season of the Hallmark show When Calls the Heart (which I love, by the way!) and so knew some of what to expect - or did I?

The main plot of Elizabeth going West to teach in a small, primitive coal mining town and falling for...a certain Mountie (who I can't mention!) was the same, but many other aspects of the book were different than the show - some of the characters were in different positions (Beth didn't stay with Abigail Stanton - she stayed with Molly), Edward was in the story quite a bit, whereas in the movie he rides off to catch...outlaws, was it?, and a few other things I shan't mention because there's a chance I could spoil something that happens!

Beth was a fun character, one whom I enjoyed reading about. She's not frilly like her little sister Julie - she's steady, level-headed, and much more mature. I also enjoyed the character of her father. He was so kind and understanding and wise (for the small section of the story he was in)!

I also liked Molly, Pastor Philip, Jarrick, Frank, and Edward! Molly was kind and motherly, with very great advice (may I emphasize on the 'great'). Many a-time her advice spoke not only to Beth, but to me. Pastor Philip was an enjoyable character who was a good friend to Beth and helped out in her endeavors. Frank was so kind to Beth, and just in general! Jarrick was of course the charming gentleman! And Edward too, for that matter (especially after having been called a 'nuisance' by Beth herself!). Edward was a lot of fun. He was very respectable and honorable, going to great lengths to retrieve Beth's stolen items. I enjoyed having him in the story, and I hope we'll eventually see more of him! (The same for Jarrick!)

Overall, I really loved this book and am looking forward to Beth's 'return to the Canadian West'! This story was a lot of fun, and Janette Oke is a great author! I would certainly recommend this to those who enjoy historical fiction and Janette's other works, those who like sweet stories with just a bit of conflict, and fans of the When Calls the Heart movie or TV show!

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