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When Calls the Heart Tag // Seaon 4 in ONE HOUR

(I apologize for the formatting issue above! I could not get rid of the space! Why?! ALSO SPOILERS AHEAD for people who have not watched ALL episodes! There's a minor spoiler in question #6, but I give extra warning beforehand. ;))

Hey there, guys! My friend, Faith, who blogs at Stories by Firefly, and her friend, Rebekah, put together this fun tag in honor of When Calls the Heart! Speaking of, this is perfect timing, because season four beings in ONE hour! Check out Faith's post here, and Rebekah's here! Now, let's get the party started, shall we?

1. What's your favorite season of When Calls the Heart?

 Definitely season three. Season one comes in second place, and season two takes third.

 2. Who is your favorite character, and why?

*thinks*'s between Bill Avery, Lee Coulter, and Rosemary LeVeaux (now Mrs. Coulter). When Bill first came in the show, I liked him...and then they made him seem rather suspicious and "bad guy-ish," so I became rather unsure about him. But now-a-days I like him again. I liked Lee almost immediately - after I got over the fact that he was "new" and therefore "suspicious" (also the fact that he actually liked, sir, I think you just played a bad card and turned most of the Hearties against you?). Well, now? Now he's one of my favorite characters! And Rosemary. Oh, Rosemary! When she first came on the show, I disliked her so much, so very much. But she's really changed, and she's perfect for Lee, so - what more can I say? 

3. Who is your least favorite character, and why?

I'm gonna say Nora and the Hamilton swindler guy in season one. I also don't care for Elizabeth's dad (though he's MUCH better in the books) or mom, and I don't like Frank Hogan very much anymore. *coughs loudly* What?! I much prefer Abigail with Bill.

4. When did you first start watching When Calls the Heart?

Around April/May-ish of 2014. Not even sure how I heard about it. XD
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5. Do you have a favorite couple from the show? If so, who, and why are they your favorites?
Lee and Rosemary. That is all.
Just kidding! They're kinda...adorable? To be completely honest...I much prefer them over Jack and Elizabeth. *runs from angry Hearties* What I like so much about their relationship is that they're truly there for each other, and they show it by the things they do. GUYS, I'm givin' ya some examples of their supportive-ness and overall fantastic qualities:
Lee had an elaborate construction plan to build Rosemary that theater. 
Lee encouraged Rosemary to go to California for that acting job because he wanted her to follow her dreams.
And she stayed. Because she loved him. *melts*
(Can we talk about that proposal? Probably my favorite moment of When Calls the Heart...ever.)
Rosemary tried to downsize Lee's spending because she thought his business was going under.
And then she did the sweetest thing...told him that he didn't need to build her that theater. At least not now. Because his business was more important.

Also, they're such opposites that they kinda bring out good in the other person. 

Oh, Jack! XD

6. Do you have a favorite quote from the show?
Woah! I don't know? I liked the scene in season one when Jack goes to Abigail...for her advice about Elizabeth, who was being rather stubborn when it came to the Hamilton dude (I can't remember his first name, okay), and she does the "honey not vinegar" thing - but I guess that's not a quote? (Spoilers ahead for those who haven't watch the Christmas movie yet!) I really liked the scene in the new Christmas movie where Bill Avery is cooking in Abigail's cafe, and someone complains about their eggs. So he whips out a rolling pin and charges out to see who the guy was. (see above picture)

Bill: *starts back toward the kitchen* *spots Jack sitting there* "How's your food, Constable?"
Jack, with an amused smile: "Nothing to complain about."

Bill was literally hilarious. 
7. What are your thoughts on Rosemary LeVeaux? Did you like her right away or did she grow on you?

Rosemary is one of my favorite characters. *points back to question two* She brings humor to the show. And she's incredibly generous. Giving up her bridesmaids' dress material and all of her food to help the settlers? I would've...never seen that coming when she showed up so unexpectedly - and horrifyingly - in season one. And no, I certainly did not like her at first! I really wanted her leave. XD She was very forward and was forcing her way back into Jack's life in the most annoying of ways... But she grew on me. I like her character now! And she's perfect for Lee - and so caring. 

8. Have you read the When Calls the Heart book series?

Well, there's two book series - of  the original, I have read the first four novels. Of the companion novels to the T.V. series, I've also read the first two books in that trilogy!
9. Was there anything in season 3 that surprised you? (characters, plots, etc...)

Yes! I was surprised to have Jack's mom show up! And she's different than expected. XD Also, I was kind of surprised when Jack almost....died. I knew they wouldn't dare kill him, but it was still a little shocking! It's actually surprising in itself that Jack lived through all that! Overall, the flood surprised me. And the mine explosion. And things with Gowen. And Frank's past and the whole gang showing up! I didn't see a lot of the season coming! Which is nice. ;) OOH AND THE WEDDING AND PROPOSAL. I loved that! 

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10. What do you foresee happening in season 4? (Be creative and as detailed as you like :))

I was hoping Lee and Rosemary were going to have a little Coulter baby, but I read an interview with Pascalle Hutton, and I guess not? Hopefully, Jack finally proposes to Elizabeth. *looks at him* Ya know we know that you still have that ring? ;) And I hope Abigail gets back together with Bill! *grins* I like Bill quite a bit now, and think he's a good match for her! She kinda needs him. ;) 
That was fun! Huge shout out to Faith and Rebekah for creating the tag! Also, Faith is currently having people sign-up to beta-read her new novella, SO GO CHECK IT OUT
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