Thursday, February 26, 2015

A Trailer

I thought I'd share with you the new trailer for Disney's short, Frozen Fever, that's premiering before Cinderella!

I am personally really looking forward to both the short and the movie - they both look so good!

Here it is:


Isn't Olaf adorable? And did catch a glimpse of Oaken? Are you looking forward to Frozen Fever and Cinderella?

Quote of the Week

"Obedience is the road to freedom, humility the road to pleasure..." - C.S. Lewis

Monday, February 23, 2015

Where Trust Lies (Book Review)

Where Trust Lies
(Return to the Canadian West #2)
By: Janette Oke
Rating: 3.5
Ages: 14/15 and up (girls)

Beth Thatcher returns home from her first year as a schoolteacher in the mining town of Coal Valley and steps into a whole different world. Her life back among her wealthy Eastern family is a stark contrast to her primitive life in the West, and Beth isn't sure where she belongs anymore.She barely has time to settle in before her mother announces plans for a family holiday--a luxurious steamship tour along the eastern coast of Canada and the U.S. Wishing to reconnect with her mother and sister, Beth agrees to go but quickly finds herself at odds with her mother's expectations. After enjoying complete freedom in the western wilds, Beth isn't sure what to make of her mother's ongoing efforts to direct her life--and her heart.

Beth keeps in touch with her Mountie beau, Jarrick, even as young men more of her station catch her eye. Is she ready to fully give her heart to Jarrick, knowing it will mean saying good-bye to her family and her life of privilege once again? And when Beth trusts the wrong person, will Jarrick be able to help her despite the distance between them?

I have to say that Where Trust Lies was a bit of a disappointing sequel to Where Courage Calls, which I enjoyed and liked. This book didn't have the Godly feel that the first did, or the good advice that I so liked in the last novel.

I personally would have preferred the sequel to Where Courage Calls to have gone in another direction. I didn't like the way Beth hid things from her mother and family, and never did end up telling them exactly what happened in Coal Valley in the whole trial with Mr. Grant. I can see why she would want to keep that from them (her mother) - she would probably not let her go back. But I really didn't like the keeping secrets. And then there were secrets about Julie's new friends, and nearly lying to get out from telling all... I know that the consequences might have been larger, but honesty is always the best route.

I did, however, like the fact that Beth's relationship with her mother did end up greatly improving. It was also sweet how Jarrick travelled such a long ways to be by Beth's side.

Another thing that slightly bothered me were some remarks made throughout the book (only around three or so), that I wouldn't say were crude, but just were a little uncomfortable.

This book did, however keep me guessing! I was not positively certain who the person was that one of Beth's family members wrongly puts their trust in - I was guessing between three-ish characters. And finally I thought that I had narrowed it down to who it might really be... But then one character kept me questioning - all of the things that he/she said didn't add up. Should I suspect...?   

I was glad, also, that what happened in the ending totally changed Beth's younger sister, Julie. She was so na├»ve before...and now I think she's learned a very important lesson that will stay with her for many, many, many years to come!

Overall, it was disappointing, but not terrible. It wasn't one of Janette Oke's best novels, but I'll still be interested in the next book.
I received this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review. The feelings expressed herein are entirely my own.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Quote of the Week

"God calls us to a wild adventure, not a tea party, my dear. I don't follow Jesus because He can give me a life without pain. I follow Him because He is good. Someday I will follow him right through death, and into our Heavenly Father's house." - Martha Finley, Millie's Unsettled Season (A Life of Faith: Millie Keith #1)

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Blogger Recognition Award

Mikayla over at The Bubblegum Ballerina nominated me a while ago to do the Blogger Recognition Award, and that's what this post is all about! Thanks for the nomination, Mikayla!

  • Thank the person who nominated me and provide a link to their blog.
  • Give a brief story of how I started my blog and a few tips for other bloggers.
  • Nominate 15 others and comment on their blog to let them know I nominated them.

Here goes...

The story of how my blog got started:

I think the idea to start a blog came partially from me wanting to talk about the books that I was reading and review them, and some of the inspiration could have also come from reading a blog that my favorite author - John J. Horn - used to write on: Ballantyne the Brave. Sadly, since Vision Forum (the publisher that I believe was funding the blog) shut down, so did BTB, and I can't provide a link for y'all... Anyway, I was actually 'blogging' on my sister's Mac in a document file on Pages (sort of like Word Processor, etc. except exclusively for Apple computers). Haha...seriously. She kept telling me that I should start blogging for real. I was a bit shy to have people actually reading the things that I had written... But, for some reason (that I cannot remember), I finally did decide to start a real blog. I had already had a sort of name for it, but I ended up changing it to what it is now: Adventures Beyond the Horizon. So, I set up a Blogger account, and posted my first article in June 2014!

My advice to other bloggers:

Keep writing about what you love to write about. I know it can be really discouraging when you only have a few followers or subscribers, but that isn't what blogging should be all about. Blogging should be a fun experience where you ramble on about your favorite books or authors or music. There is a really cool quote I found on Pinterest that goes somewhat along the lines of: 'It doesn't matter how many followers you have. Jesus had 12. Hitler had millions.' Or: 'When you feel like quitting, think about why you started.' So true, right!?

I nominate anyone who wants to do it!


Thursday, February 5, 2015

Quote of the Week

"In great literature, I become a thousand different men but still remain myself." - C.S. Lewis

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

If You Were Stranded on a Deserted Island...

So, I was tagged by both Mikayla H. from The Bubblegum Ballerina and Katie R. from Lilies of Grace for the 'Stranded on a Deserted Island' tag! Thank you both for the tag!

What you do:

1. Thank the person/s who nominated you.
2. Answer the questions below.
3. Tag a few other bloggers (however many you want!).

The situation: You're stranded on a remote, deserted island - alone - for 1 year. Keeping that in mind, answer these questions:

You can have one food item (besides all the fish you can catch!) - what would you choose?

I suppose spaghetti or food from Red Lobster!

You can have one beverage (besides fresh water) - what drink would you want?

Special iced teas (such as peach)!

What ONE outfit would you bring to wear (top, bottoms, and shoes)?

A tank top with a light, longer sleeved shirt to go over it (so I can keep the sun off my arms!), shorts, and tennis shoes. And a hat, if I could! :)

1 Author: You get all the books they've ever written.

The first person to pop into my head would be, of course, my favorite author, John J. Horn. But since he's only written three books, and I think spending a year alone on an island would allow for many, many hours of reading, I think I'll say Janette Oke! :) I like the way her books feel homey, in a way, and are really very clean!

1 Magazine: You'll get one each month!

Hmm... I don't know! Something with tips for survival, like a special selection of National Geographic magazines or something (there are others, of course).

1 Freebie item. It can be anything (except for your cellphone!).

I am going to say a survival kit. It's one item, yet many.

While struggling to survive, what cool thing would you do for 1 whole year?

Well, I could definitely belt out any song I wanted to all the time since no one would be around. ;)

Best thing about solo island-living: the beach, do whatever you want, great tan, or a lot of alone time?

Definitely the beach! I don't tan, for one thing, I burn! ;) And I wouldn't want to be alone for so long!

Ickiest thing about your so-called paradise: too much time alone, awful sunburn, learning to fish, or sand in everything?

I think it would be too much time alone. It would be terrible. An awful sunburn would also be rough! And with no sunscreen or aloe vera available?! I'm so fair-skinned that I burn very easily, so that would be... :P I think I would actually get used to all the sand! ;)

Yay! You're finally rescued! Who is the first person you would want to see?

My family and my dog!

First thing you'd want to do?

Catch up on everything that's happened in my absence, preferably over dinner at a nice restaurant with my family! And relax; listen to music; get a coffee, etc.

First thing you'd want to eat?

I'd want to eat at Red Lobster and/or Outback! :) Or spaghetti and pizza (though not together).

I nominate Julia Ryan and Jessica Joy!