Wednesday, November 5, 2014

A Goodbye - For A While

Hi, everybody! My week has been going pretty well. What about yours? I got to go shop at Barnes and Noble...again... My mom and I went in, and we picked up some books and Christmas presents! Guess what book I got!? A.D. 30 by Ted Dekker! For some odd reason, my order to get a signed copy off of was cancelled...I still do not know why. :/ Kind of weird. Anyways, my mom spotted that and I picked it up! I'm looking forward to reading it - I think Ted Dekker has a way of writing that just totally immerses you in what he's writing about. I mean, I was just reading the Preface for A.D. 30 and I was there. Also, my sister enjoys his books, and she says he writes believable, good female characters - which is really, really cool, since authors seem to struggle more in the area of writing about the opposite gender. Ted Dekker has a definite gift. :)

Snow covered road.My brother and I have been watching Heartland reruns - 'cause we just love it so much. :) It's fun getting to, in a way, 'go back in time' and re-watch episodes from years ago - literally, years. Like six. We're in season eight and my bro and I are watching reruns from season two, which is so fun. Watching episodes weekly from season eight, after they air, is somewhat nerve-wracking - you don't know (really at all) what the writers are going to do with the show and where it's going, but when watching reruns something happens and you already know how things work out. No worries there. ;) Ha ha... #iloveheartland

One other thing I want to say is: I'll be taking a break from blogging, for probably - most likely - two months. I have been feeling somewhat burned out lately, my grandparents are coming for Thanksgiving, there's Christmas and New Years after that, and I am swamped with school. I barely have time to get on my computer and clean out my inbox. :) I know that I don't have to have a schedule for when I post, but if I didn't, I'd most likely post randomly after long bouts of time, so I believe it's best I take a bit of a hiatus. At least, for now.

I am super excited to hang out with my grandparents for a few weeks, and we'll be celebrating Christmas early with them, and just having a lot of fun. And, I've been enjoying doing my school, although it does take me all day (I am doubling up on my work so I can take off time when my grandparents come!). I've even been enjoying Algebra, more so than Science. Which is very weird of me to say, mind you.

But don't worry. I'll be back. Eventually, when I'm good and ready. I have some ideas for vlogs, but it's been getting dark so early here (4:45 PM :/) and I've been so busy doing school that I haven't had time to even attempt at filming one. I also have some other post ideas. But, honestly, I think I need a break. I think it'll do me some good! And, who knows, I might even come back with my blog revamped and redecorated and a blog button! ;)

Its a Wonderful Movie - Your Guide to Family Movies on TV: "A Cookie Cutter Christmas", a Hallmark Channel Christmas Movie starring Erin Krakow Can't wait to watch it!!Oh, also, this Sunday a very special Hallmark Channel premiere is on, part of the Countdown to Christmas. It's A Cookie Cutter Christmas starring Erin Krakow, from the lovely show When Calls the Heart! Be sure to check that out. :) Erin Krakow is so fun.

So, with that, enjoy your Thanksgiving, Christmas, and (just in case I'm not back yet) New Years! Spend some time with family and have a good, laugh-out-loud time. :) Read some good books, watch some fun movies, curl up with a cup of cocoa, and enjoy yourself! We're coming into the season of the celebration of Jesus' birth! Well, and thanks giving. ;)

A few books I'd recommend:

God's Smuggler - Brother Andrew
(Enjoyed this way more than I thought I was going to! Pick it up!)

Annabeth's War: By the Sword - Jessica Greyson
(A book that is unlike any I've read before. It reminded me a bit of Robin Hood. My review)

To Birmingham Castle: A Tale of Friendship and Adventure - Alicia A. Willis
(This is a good, classical-in style-book. I enjoyed it!)

A few movies:

We Bought a Zoo  - An adorable movie that is true-to-life. I so enjoy watching this. An amazing cast. Literally, they are so good at what they do. Starring: Matt Damon, Colin Ford, Scarlett Johansson, and Elle Fanning.

The Chronicles of Narnia - I love this series. So much. LOVE! Starring: William Moseley, Anna Popplewell, Skander Keynes, Georgie Henley, and Tilda Swinton.

Son of God - This was the best representation of the story of Jesus that I have ever heard of. Amazing. Fantastic, superb cast. Watch this! Starring: Roma Downey and Diogo Morgado.

A show I'd recommend:

Heartland - I think this link is the first season! I love this show. The story is so fascinating. I love how it is centered around a horse ranch with 600 acres owned by the absolutely loveable ex-rodeo cowboy named Jack Bartlett. I love the teenage rebel - Ty Bordon - that comes to Heartland on probation and ends up winning the heart of spunky, horse whisperer Amy Fleming. I fell in love with this show. Fantastic, and family friendly! Watch this now!!! ;) Honestly, though, Ty and Amy... #socute
Starring: Amber Marshall (Turner), Graham Wardle, Shaun Johnston, Kerry James, Michelle Morgan, Chris Potter, and Alisha Newton.

Just some music:

for KING & COUNTRY - Run Wild. Live Free. Love Strong. - I love, love, love this CD!

That's all for now! :) Enjoy the holidays coming up, and...

Until next time... 


Note: All pictures via Pinterest.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Quote of the Week

"Temptation is the devil looking through the keyhole. Yielding is opening the door and inviting him in." - Billy Sunday