Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Thank you so much to Mikayla H. from The Bubblegum Ballerina for tagging me for the "You Are Amazing and So is Your Blog" award!

All righty - let's get started with Mikayla's questions for me!

Who is your favorite book character? (it can be your own or someone else's)
Oh... Good question! I suppose I'll say Lawrence Stoning from Brothers at Arms by John Horn. He's a really great character! And the book is also really great... ;)

Who is your favorite artist? (Musician...?)
I couldn't really choose! I enjoy a wide range of bands! I'll list a few: Francesca Battistelli, for KING & COUNTRY, Danny Gokey, Jeremy Camp, Citizen Way, The Afters, Tenth Avenue North, Kari Jobe, Owl City - need I go on? ;)

(That ended up being more than a 'few,' but...)

Have you ever played laser tag before? If so, what did you think of it?

I have, actually! Twice now. I think it's kind of fun - sneaking around in the dark like you're going to war... ;)

Haha! Okay, not really.

A girl can imagine...

Do you prefer writing or reading?
Well, I have a novel I've been planning to write (and rewriting and restarting!) for a few years now, so hopefully one day I'll finish that! But, for now, I am really preferring reading.

I'm currently reading War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy (and am planning on finishing it this year), and You Have a Brain: A Teen's Guide to T.H.I.N.K. B.I.G. by Ben Carson. Both are good!

(I'm also trying to finish The Cat of Bubastes by G.A. Henty...)

What is your favorite subject in school?
Surprisingly, I'm going to say math! I've been enjoying Algebra I of late!

This was fun!

I am nominating Miss Julia Ryan of Writing for His Glory!

Here are my questions:

Do you have a favorite movie, movie series, or TV show?
What is your favorite book genre? Do you ever read fantasy or adventure?
What music do you most enjoy listening to? What is your favorite band?
Have you ever seen 'We Bought a Zoo'? If so, did you like it?
Have you read any books by Alicia A. Willis?



  1. Awesome tag! I did the same one not long ago! I love your answers!!!!!!!!

    1. Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it!