Wednesday, March 4, 2015

A Post of Randomness


Julia Ryan from Writing for His Glory inspired me to write up a post of random facts...

Here's the post that she did! Check it out!

Ready for some randomness?

Good. ;)

Here we go!

1. I enjoy a good smoothie! Fruit + fruit + other stuff = healthy and so good! ;)
2. When Calls the Heart is coming back on April 4th...and I'M EXCITED!
3. I love books.
4. I really like coffee (blended, lattes, cappuccinos, etc.), but I really, really don't like coffee made at home with a coffee pot! A blender and some ice cream is a different story, though... ;)
5. I think Ben Carson would make a fantastic president!
6. I thought I would really dislike God's Smuggler when I read it for the first time last year - but I ended up loving it so much! It was so amazing and inspiring.
7. I'm enjoying math (Algebra I)!
8. I love adventure!
9. I love music!
10. I've read Pride and Prejudice and Persuasion by Jane Austen.
11. I just ordered one of The Afters' latest albums - Life is Beautiful! (Perhaps a post later including reviews of several CDs!)
12. Their song 'Moments Like This' is amazing! (And is one of the reasons I'm buying their album)
13. Heartland - a Canadian show that I watch - just got renewed for a 9th season today!
14. I recently watched The Giver and I really enjoyed it. (Brenton Thwaites is an amazing actor!)
15. I'm really looking forward to whenever John Horn publishes another novel! (Hopefully soon!)
16. I played Pictionary for (basically) the first time on Sunday - and liked it! (I've played a game before that included Pictionary, but was not Pictionary itself.)
17. One of my favorite people in the Bible is Queen Esther.
18. I really want to travel one day soon! To Norway, England, Paris, Italy, Alaska, Ireland, Scotland, Wales...
19. My favorite history to read/learn about is from a little before the Victorian era to World War II.
20. I enjoy hiking and rock climbing with my family and my older brother (who's a fantastic rock-climber!! And he has taught me everything I know.)! :)
21. I am so thankful to be a part of my wonderful family!
22. My dog, Azaliah, is adorable and the best!
23. I've watched all of the Love Comes Softly movies - and am re-watching them! (Two I really like would be #2 and #6 - Love's Enduring Promise and Love's Unfolding Dream!)
24. I used to take ballet and singing.
25. I've ridden the #1 Shock-Ride in America at Silverwood - The Aftershock! And it was awesome. :)

What are a few random facts about you?? Do you like smoothies or coffee? Have you watched When Calls the Heart, Heartland, or The Giver?



  1. Great post! I love random facts. ;D Hum, you had to ask me first thing in the morning when I'm still half asleep. ;D I'm not really into smoothies of coffee, I'm more of a sweet tea kind of girl. Nope, haven't watched those.
    Thanks for postng!

    1. Thank you!!! Yes. Yes, I did. ;)

      Thanks for your comment!

  2. Aww! I am so glad I inspired you! :) I liked this post a lot! I didn't know that WCTH is coming out in a month! YAYYYY! :D I cannot wait for them to come on Youtube. :D

    1. You did, indeed! :) Thank you!

      I know!!! I'm looking forward to it... But I watched an extended preview on for WCTH and it looks like there's going to be trouble with Elizabeth, Jack, ROSEMARY, and a certain, new gentleman. :'( We'll have to confer on what each other thinks on each new episode. :)

      Also, I'll send you a link to the preview I watched, and you can tell me your thoughts on the above matter! :D

    2. Oh my! It is going to be a two hour special too! How exciting! :D I am going to go watch the preview now. Thanks for telling me about it. :)

    3. Yes, It is! It is exciting! :) You're welcome! But I have to tell you: They pushed the premiere date to April 25th.... So about three more weeks then we thought. :P

  3. Awesome post Micaiah! I loved it! Julia did a amazing job as well! So, Here's a few facts about me.... I also LOVE math! (I'm doing Algebra 1) I love to write, I hate cake, Dance is my life!, and I'm going on my first mission trip to Kentucky in June. ( I live in GA ) I love your blog! I'm definitely going to follow!!

    1. Thank you, Maddy! Have fun on your trip to Kentucky! Aw, thank ya! :D I'm glad you like it!