Saturday, August 23, 2014

Quote of the Week

"There isn't always a good choice and a bad choice, but it's a Christian's duty to make the best choice, even if it hurts. That's the duty of Christians, and the duty of warriors." - John J. Horn, Secret of the Lost Settlement: The Duty of Warriors


  1. Hi Micaiah! I just noticed that you had commented on my blog and I had never responded, and then Mikayla posted a interview by you! Cute blog; I love the background! =) I love adventure books too, and one of my all time favorites is, Regina Silby's Secret War. I can't remember the author right now, but I can get it for you if you would like. Have you ever read that one? It is based around the Revolutionary War, and its AWESOME!! Anyway, I'm your new follower. =)


    1. Hi Jessica! I've followed your blog too! Thanks! Oh, and used the chocolate chip cookie recipe. :) Thanks for that! They were amazing. And thanks! I got the background from They have some really cute backgrounds on there! Oh, yes, I love adventure books! Adore them, more or less. :) I haven't read that book! It sounds interesting! I'd love to have the author's name, thanks!! Have you read any of John J. Horn's adventure novels? Those are awesome! And, I also followed you on Pinterest. :) And, yeah, Mikayla interviewed was fun!

      Thanks for commenting!


    2. Oh, also, I absolutely LOVED that post you did - 'You Don't Want Prince Charming!' It was so true! :)