Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Favorite Secondary Characters

Some of my favorite characters are secondary - the ones who are always in the background, who most often never get their own story. Secondary characters are what make a good story a great one. 

Here are some of my favorite secondary fictional characters (from books):

Edmund Burke

From: The Boy Colonel: A Soldier Without a Name, and Secret of the Lost Settlement: The Duty of Warriors by John J. Horn.

Why: Edmund was such a fun character. He was a good (awesome, actually) friend to Nobody - in everyday life, in battle, and in the hard times. Edmund's the type of friend that would go to the ends of the earth for you. He's incredibly brave. He was also hilariously similar to Peterkin Gay from The Coral Island - they are kindred spirits. And if I love Peterkin, then I love Edmund. But instead of talking to a cat (like Peterkin did), Edmund decided to talk to a candle...similar, indeed. ;)

Cyril Keith

From: All eight of the books in the A Life of Faith: Millie Keith series, and Violet's Amazing Summer by Martha Finley.

Why: Honestly, when I thought of mentioning Cyril in this post, I went with it. His story was so incredibly wonderful. So touching. His turnaround was so sweet. And, of course, I loved him as the young, mischievous boy that he was throughout most of the Millie books. I wish that we would've been given a bit more to his story (I want to know if he married- Well, I can't tell you who...what kind of blogger would I be if I did?), but we know he turned out pretty good. :) He was really fun to have around (and humorous), and, for some reason, he was always my favorite of Millie's many siblings.

Zoe Love

From: All of the A Life of Faith: Violet Travilla books after book one by Martha Finley.

Why: She's sweet, independent, totally perfect for Eddie, and remarkably wise beyond her years. Zoe is a wonderful friend to Vi, and her story leading up to (a certain happening I shan't mention) was fascinating.

Charles Landreth

From: Millie's Remarkable Journey, Millie's Faithful Heart, Millie's Steadfast Love, Millie's Grand Adventure, and every book after by Martha Finley.

Why: Charles was such a gentleman. He was also loads of fun. I loved having him around throughout some of the Millie books. I loved his humorous ways of trying to win Millie's heart. But he was also caring, charming, and gallant, willing to sacrifice his place in the South to help Millie. And if it weren't for Charles's dear friend, Otis Lochneer, things would have gone smoothly - or would they have?

I could go on and on, and mention secondary characters such as Patrick O'Malley, Gordon Lightcap, Jackson Spivy, Horace Dinsmore Jr., Trip Dinsmore, Edward Travilla, Frank Osborne, Pacarina Garnica, and, well, a whole lot of others...but I'll spare you.

Or maybe I'll just save them for another post...

Who are some of your favorite secondary characters?


  1. A great and interesting post. You felt Edmund Burke throughout the whole story of Secret of the Lost settlement even though he was barely in it. That is good writing :).