Thursday, July 31, 2014

Gift Acquistitions + Birthday + Thank-Yous!

This last Sunday was, happily, my 14th birthday. My, am I getting old! (wink, wink)

Anyways, I received tons of gifts from my family on my birthday - books, books, and more books. Okay, that's not all I got. I wanted to share with you all some of the surprising (and wonderful!) things that I got this year.

First off, I got a beautiful, New Living Translation, Girls Application Study Bible from my mom. Isn't it lovely? (I needed this!) :)

Plus this pretty bookmark with my initial on it. (It will get well-used!)

The Star Wars Trilogy, by George Lucas, from Mom, in a beautifully done hardback edition.

These great movies are from different people: Love's Christmas Journey, Come Dance at My Wedding, and When Calls the Heart are from my wonderful grandparents, Beauty and the Beast (two-disc edition with special bonus features!) from my sister, Ashley, and last, but not least, Tangled (which I just watched again today!) from my amazing mom! Thank you, guys!
*Surprise* I got an amazing new HP Elitebook computer from my Dad! Awesome, right? This is going to be used - everyday. I am using it now, actually! :) Huge thanks to him for giving me something that I was totally not expecting and I've wanted for a long time.

The internet connection, those two other do-dads, and the volume and mute buttons are touch screen. So, I accidentally turned off the wireless internet without knowing it and had my sister and I confused for a bit. Yup... #mistakesweremade :P Plus, I couldn't figure out to use the volume for a while - you slide, people, slide.

My sister, Ashley, also got me this super awesome (pretty, too!) leather journal with no lines. It is wonderful (and also reminds me of Tangled, what with the gold stars and purple coloring.) I will be using this to write down ideas for future books, when traveling, and also to draw, since there isn't any lines. Thanks, Ash!
This beautiful design on the bottom and top of the pages was hand-painted!
I also got a bunch of other books from my grandparents and my dad, plus some other things, including some new Anthem Lights merchandise, a super cool new backpack/carry case for my computer (which will also be toting books) from my sister-in-law, a super cute new outfit from my mom, and awesome new rollerblades (that I love) from my little brother, Jeremiah. #Iambeyondblessed
HUGE shout out to everyone who made my day special, especially my family - Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, Ashley, my little bro, Jeremiah, my big brother Jesse (who celebrated his birthday the day after mine!), Jesse's wife, Jacqueline, my nephew, Nathaniel, and my adorable niece, Stephanie - and all the people who posted on my timeline. :)
I also wanted to thank Alicia Willis for posting on my Facebook page, and sending me a free e-book copy of her book, To Birmingham Castle. That was so sweet and thoughtful! Almost brought me to tears. ;)
Y'all rock!
Now onto the weekend - which happens to be Ashley's birthday. Will they never end? :)#ItslikeChristmasinJuly


  1. Hey there! Your Bible and journal are beautiful! The computer was a great gift for a writer! Sandy

    1. Thanks, Sandy! The computer really was a great gift!!

  2. Thank you for your amazing blog....of thank yours.....Micaiah, you are truly and amazing daughter....and I love you

  3. Thank you Micaiah for your writings, You bless me with each one I read. You are truly deserving of the blessings given by your family, I know you will use each gift until it is totally used up. God Bless you Daughter.
    Loving you with all my Heart

    1. Thanks, Dad! I'm happy to be blogging! And I certainly will use each gift!