Friday, September 25, 2015

Return to Nim's Island

In about ten minutes (or so), I'll be sitting down in the living room eating dinner and watching a movie that I really like...

Return to Nim's Island, starring Bindi Irwin and Toby Wallace. (Have you seen it?)

This movie is so cute (I even like it better than Nim's Island, in most respects!), and so adventurous. I've watched it maybe four or so times, and I still enjoy it. 

Sure, it may be slightly goofy at times, but it's so fun! 

One reason I like it so much? These characters: 

Nim (Bindi Irwin), Edmund (Toby Wallace), and a certain intern-professor, Felix (Nathan Derrick). 

Nim is bold, adventurous, and very protective of her wildlife friends. Edmund (my favorite character!), is almost equally adventurous as Nim, and very sincerely wants to tag along and help her out (against her will, o' course). Felix? Probably the funniest character! He goes from uptight, too-careful intern to slightly-crazy, nearly no-holding-back wild man (okay, maybe a bit too far, but really...).

Any-who, just thought I'd quickly pop in, review this super-fun movie, and tell y'all to watch it - if you haven't, that is. Or, on second thought, you can watch it again if you have. ;)

One question - where's the third movie!?
Nim's father, Jack: "Don't trust teenage boys, Nim. I should know - I used to be one." Nim: "Gross."

Postcards from a Faraway Island Postcards from a faraway island! Don’t forget to watch Return to Nim’s Island March 15th at 8/7C on Hallmark Channel!:

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 Have you seen Return to Nim's Island? If you have, did you like it? Who's your favorite character?


  1. I agree with you 100%. Return to Nim's Island was awesome! =D

    1. Hehe.... I knew you would! ;D Thanks for commenting!!

  2. I loved watching Nim's Island when I was little, and reading this post brought back so much nostalgia! I had no idea they made a second one! I have to see it now.

    1. Oh, good! ;) Yes...the sequel is so great! I love it.

  3. Hey, Micaiah! New follower here ;) First of all, your name is gorgeous. Second of all, your blog is gorgeous. Looking forward to browsing around more!

    I have not seen Return to Nim's Island! I saw most of the first one, and I thought it was okay. Bindi Irwin is awesome, though. When I was little, my neighbors all thought I looked like her, so I low key became obsessed with her ;)

    1. Hi, Anne! Thank you for the follow! Aw, thank you so much! That's very nice of you to say. :)

      I liked the sequel, Return to Nim's Island, a lot more than the first movie in most respects (as you must've gathered from my review). ;) It was a lot more humorous and, to me, more fun, but I still do like Nim's Island. Yes, Bindi's great. :) She does pretty good in this as Nim!