Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Yes to Carrots - A Review

This is the facial wash I use.

And I really, really like it! :) I thought I'd share a review with you all...and tell you why I like it oh so much...and when and where I came across this amazing brand.

I had run out of facial wash at one point, and my mom and I were actually planning on running into TJ Maxx to look for some shampoo and body wash (they have decent deals there, and I really like the shampoo we ended up getting!), so we thought we might as well check and see if they had any facial products.

They didn't really. BUT they had a lonely bottle of Yes to Carrots sitting on a shelf. Mom said I might as well get it and if I didn't like it we could get something else.

But I tried it and I liked it! And that feeling has just grown since I've been using it. ;)

A few nice facts to know:

It's really creamy and feels nice.
It is almost 100% natural.
It doesn't leave my face feeling dry.
It's rich in Beta-Carotene (a natural form of Vitamin A), and includes shea butter and aloe vera. (a.k.a Hydration Heaven)

I figured that the brand was actually 'Yes to' and they would have multiple choices of 'flavors' (what other word would you call that? I dunno.). And they do! I looked up their website, and they sell all kinds of products - facial cleansers (creams, a gel product, exfoliators, and others), facial treatments (nighttime cream, etc.), lotions, lip balms, shampoo and conditioner, body wash, and even baby products! I was excited!


Carrot - For Normal-to-Dry skin (Carrot is their 'Original', and their brand really is Yes to Carrots)
Coconut - For Very Dry skin
Cucumber - For Sensitive skin
Pomegranate - For Uneven skin tone
Tomato - For Combination and Acne-prone skin
Blueberry - For Fine Lines and Wrinkles

And my sister even wants to buy something from them... (Pomegranate SPF lip balm - she loves lip balm.) ;)

So we're planning on getting more of their products, and hopefully even trying out some of their shampoo, conditioner, and body wash! I think we're gonna get a Mystery Box.... XD

Even better, they're not outrageously priced! Which is even cooler because they're a pretty natural brand.

I found my face wash at TJ Maxx for probably $7.99, and you can find the same 6oz bottle on their website for the same price... Which is cool, because normally you would think a company would charge more on their own website than a store would. (Of course, you have to factor in shipping, but if you spend $50 or more, it's FREE!)

Overall, recommended! My face wash is delightful!

Anyways, after all that rambling, here's a link: http://www.yestocarrots.com/

Enjoy! And let me know if you get any and whatcha think of 'em, if you do!


P.S. I am pretty sure that if you sign up to get their emails (at the bottom of the page), you'll get a 10% off coupon code in an email they send to you minutes after you've entered your email address and clicked 'Sign Up'. (Though this only works on certain items - the ones that it won't work on will say so when you add them to your cart!)


  1. We love this brand!! We use their face wipes; they are amazing! I love them!! =D They smell so nice, too. ;) And I love their packaging. Great review, Micaiah! =) <3

    1. Really!??? Cool! :D Yes, they do smell nice. ;) Thank you, Jessica! :)