Wednesday, May 3, 2017

The Chapel Car Bride // Wow It's Been So Long

HEY, GUYS. Um, yeah... it's been like two and a half months. *grins sheepishly* BUT I HAVE SOMETHING TODAY.

SO, I just wanna let all of you know that I plan on starting a new blog at some point, but right now blogging has just taken a backseat. Life is busy, and school keeps me on my toes, so any extra time is spent doing other things. I'm still trying to stay active in the blogosphere, however, and, even if I don't comment, there's a chance I've read your post - cuz my phone won't let me comment if someone else already has?? (I have no idea.) BUT I'm here with a review, AND, who knows, maybe I'll start blogging again in the not-too-distant future, but for now? You can find me on Google+ (Hangouts), Goodreads, and Pinterest - I'm still around, I promise! 

(Scroll down and I've included an update of sorts *nods*)

Now, for the review! It's kinda short, but I ran out of words... *shrugs cuz that's bad for a writer*

The Chapel Car Bride by Judith McCoy Miller
Rating: 2 stars

The Chapel Car Bride by Judith Miller was an okay read. The story didn't really pan out for me. Here's why:

The characters felt like they needed more depth. There were certain struggles, yes, but they seemed somewhat trivial. Luke was my favorite for a while, but in the end kind of disappointed me. Hope was rather naive and she once almost lied to her father so that he wouldn't send her back home (not okay). Kirby, the antagonist, though the most dimensional, also felt somewhat shallow. From the way things started, I was picturing him to be a villainous guy, but then as the story progressed he was more of a spoiled, undisciplined only-child who wanted his way. I feel like that sounds harsh, but that's the way it came across.

Another thing was the climax - it fell flat. There was quite a bit of build up, only to have the whole situation pretty much wrapped up within a few pages. I guess I just thought is was going to be more dramatic? It felt sudden - too sudden and a bit too easy. There were multiple areas where the author was hinting at trouble, only to have it dissolve quickly. I feel like this story also, just in general, needed more depth, more plot. I was interested for a bit, when the tension was slightly building, but it never really grabbed me. The beginning was pretty slow, and the end too fast.

Overall, there were times when I was enjoying it, but it wasn't for me. However, the concept was unique, and you could tell the author did her research! Thumbs up for that. I would probably recommend this to somebody who wants an easy-going, historical fiction novel!

Thanks to Bethany House for sending me this book for review! The thoughts above are entirely my own.  


What I've been doing lately:

  • I BEAT CAMP NANOWRIMO - so yes, did that
  • STARTED A NEW NOVEL - this happened extremely suddenly in January. I sat down out of frustration, typed out a page and a half, sent it to Julia, who liked it and ended up pushing me to keep writing and turn it into a novel. SO somehow a random one-sentence story idea I got while driving has morphed into this story I so like with all these cool imaginary humans. For now I'll just say it's Sci-Fi/Dystopian - totally surprised myself there! (Maybe you'll get to know all about it sometime... *runs off without saying more*)
  • CAMPED AT DEVIL'S TOWER, WYOMING - with my older bro and his family. I got to see my nieces and nephew, one of which, Ava, was born in September of last year, and GUYS she is so adorable! 
  • TRYING TO FINISH SCHOOL - I have one book left in math, then next year is Algebra 2 *would much rather do that than Geometry*
  • Read my dear friend's FIRST NOVEL and got to shove sticky notes throughout it and write out hearts at the cute scenes
  • WATCHED multiple Signed, Sealed, Delivered movies - which is so great because that show is legit the best
  • GOT A NEW PHONE - that has a really nice camera. I was so happy about that because I've been wanting a camera too so it's a win-win.
  • AM PARTICIPATING in Ted Dekker's Forgotten Way Meditation challenge - on day sixteen, and this has honestly changed my perception of God. IT'S FANTASTIC. Go read it now.  
  • DID MY FIRST SPRINT IN NANO - and wow they help with getting your word count in!
  • WATCHED A MOVIE with Mikayla over Skype (we're cool like that)
  • FINISHED six categories in the reading challenge - (which I was going to post on and then didn't O.O) It's going kinda slow for me this year! I'm currently working through the trilogy category with Rachelle Dekker's Seer series. 
Well, that's a very brief overview of my life lately. XD Hopefully I'll see you all again soon *vanishes*

Okay, but first...

Did you do Camp in April? How'd it go?
Have you read the Seer series?


  1. I loved your review! Its really cool that you got to read a friend book in a physical copy. How cool is that? =D
    Watching the movie with you was super awesome. I am so glad we got to do it before I left! =D
    I can't wait to read your whole book. =)

    1. oh my goodness...I didn't think it was very good XD Yes!! Isn't that cool?! *nods* Yes. Yes, it is.
      I'm glad we got to watch the movie before you left too!! I enjoyed it too :D (let's do it again soon)
      Aww, thank you, Mikayla! I can't wait until I finish!! XD You'll for sure be one of the first to get a copy/read it!

  2. cut your own hair? and how do you like algebra better than geometry?! and i am sooo jealous that you go tto go to Wyoming...ugh goals.

    1. HI, TIA!! hahaa, nooo O.O I had my hair cut by a pro. I couldn't do it myself - it'd be hideous. XD Well, um... I like working with numbers more than shapes. *smiles* Wyoming was great!! YOU SHOULD GO SOMETIME. *nods*

    And I hate geometry, too :-(
    Camping sounds fun :-)

    1. THANK YOU!!!!
      Haha, I'm almost done with geometry!! #yes
      Yes! Camping WAS fun!! :D Do you enjoy camping??
      Thank you for the comment!

  4. Thanks for sharing the book review and life update! Have a great summer!

    1. Of course! Thank YOU for commenting! :D I hope you have a great summer, too!

  5. My family and I just recently started watching Signed, Sealed, Delivered. I really like them! :D

    1. OOOOOH YOU DID?! That's great, Rebekah!! :D I LOVE SSD! I hope you continue to enjoy them!! <33 Who's your favorite character?!

    2. Yes, I did!!! It’s so good!! :D Hmmm….my favorite character, that’s a hard question! Well, Oliver is nice and is quite the gentleman. Shane is nice too, but can be a bit annoying sometimes, but I think she's getting better. ;) ;) Rita and Norman are just too funny! :D I definitely like the four main characters. Do you have a favorite character? =)

    3. EEP, YAY!!!! I love that show. <33 Isn't it though?! I like all four of them! But I have a soft spot for Oliver - especially after watching one of the movies, Truth Be Told, but really just because he's such a gentleman and is very kindhearted. Hehe, Shane! She can be a bit annoying at times, but she gets the office out of its box. ;) Rita and Norman are funnn! *nods* I agree. Mrs. Williamson hit a home run with these MCs! Did you know she writes the show, AND she was the writer of Touched By An Angel? I so like that the show combines Christian elements in the midst of all the mystery, romance, and comedy!! Such a good show... K, I'll stop gushing haha! XD

    4. Oh, cool! I haven't gotten to Truth Be Told yet. :)
      Yes, I think I did know that the writer of Signed, Sealed, Delivered, is the same who wrote Touched by an Angel, although I've never actually seen that movie. ;)

    5. I just wanted to let you know that I tagged you for The Book Lovers Tag. If you'd like to participate here is the link:

    6. ACK Truth Be Told is one of the BESSST. That's one of my favorites - also For Christmas and possibly The Impossible Dream and From Paris With Love (okay, they'll all good...just sayin' XD) *sighs* I love this show. <3 OHH BTW there is a blog dedicated to Signed, Sealed, Delivered! Though, since you haven't seen them all, there are possibly spoilers. XP If you wanna check it out, here's the link: It's really a fantastic blog! During the last few weeks I've been going back and reading old posts!

      I've watched almost all of the episodes of Touched by an Angel! And there are nine seasons I think? It's crazy. XD It was pretty good, but SSD is MUCH better!

      Thank you for tagging me, Rebekah! I'll try to get around to that sometime XD