Saturday, July 11, 2015

Adventures In the Snow

These pictures were taken all the way back in January, I think, of this year. We're kinda die-hard hikers, you see, (well, at least my brother is, and he gets us all to go along) and we took a hike in the snow!!! It was so fun, and I hope to do it again this winter. We bundled up in our winter jackets and set off...

Where we took our hike was really pretty covered in white. We even got to cross a bridge over rushing water (pictured below)! I only got a few pictures during the start, though. Nonetheless, it was lots of fun - we even broke off icesicles and ate them! Hahaaha! Yeah, we did. ;)

Standing in the cold before we begin...

The bridge! Beautiful, isn't it?

My brother at the top of a snowy hill.

Jeremiah and my nephew, Nathaniel, heading back down!

The bridge.


Me! :)

Boulders! :)

Heading across...

On the bridge! From left to right: My older brother, Jesse, our dog, Azaliah, my younger brother, Jeremiah, and my older sister, Ashley.

Looking out at the waters.

My brother and his wife (Stephanie, their daughter, is in the baby backpack!).

Looking back!

On the other side - Ashley and Jeremiah.

The forest!

A steep, rocky hill covered in snow. On the way back this is where we found the icesicles. :)

More water on the way!

That hike sure was fun! I hope you enjoyed that journey through...our journey? Haha! Never mind. ;)

I'll be back soon with another post, so be on the lookout for that!



  1. Woooah, AMAZING! But. snow? I'm sorry.. I can't handle this right now. LOL! :D

    1. I know!! Crazy, right? ;) It was amazing! I want hike in the snow again this coming winter... :D

  2. Wow, those photos are awesome Micaiah!! Looks like you had fun! =D

    1. Thank you so much, Mikayla! I thought the bridge picture turned out really nice. :) We did have fun! It was so cool - definitely gonna see if everybody wants to do this again during the winter!! :D

  3. Great pictures! You are SO adorable! =)

    1. Aw...thank you so much, Jessica! That's really sweet of you to say... :)

  4. Looks fun! I'd love it if you'd check this out...

    1. It was, indeed! :) I'll definitely check it out.