Monday, June 1, 2015

A Bee and a Caterpillar - Photography

First of all, HAPPY JUNE!!! We are almost halfway through the year - can you believe it? This year has gone by so fast...

Also, I thought I'd drop in and share with you these pictures I got of a bee and a caterpillar - both while on vacation in the Seattle/Poulsbo area (though, on two different trips)! I was happy to grab these pictures while I could! :)

We found this little guy (well, multiple 'little guys', but this is just one caterpillar) at a park we went to in/near Poulsbo.

Showing the difference in size (of the caterpillar to my sister's finger...): ;)

And this bee I found on the sliding-door screen of a friend's house! He stayed still while I took the opportunity to take some pictures of him. ;)

Look at those weird blue eyes...

I'll have another post up as soon as...well, let's just stick with soon (hopefully within a few days). ;) It'll include some more pictures,  a bit of randomness, and a few updates of what I've been up to lately!



  1. Happy first of June! =D I love the pictures, thank you for sharing them. =D

    1. Happy first of June to you as well!! Thank you!!! I'm glad you liked them. :D